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The Koker Lite

Automatic Stoker Stoves

 Constructed of heavy gauge American steel, cast iron grate, ash door, and fire door

 Available in 70,000 BTU, 90,000 BTU, and 105,000 BTU ratings   

 265 CFM or 320 CFM convection blowers available

 Burns anthracite coal  rice or buckwheat

 Operation is fully automatic  no need to shake grate or shovel ashes

 Heat output controlled by room thermostat or available DialAHeat Control

 Designed for chimney or direct vent installation

 Shipped completely assembled with supplied carbon monoxide detector

 10 year stove warranty

 Approved for use in mobile homes

Other available options include:

 6inch or 8inch top convection air vents

 Coil for domestic hot water

Warm Air Furnaces

KEYSTOKER Forced Warm Air Heating Units can give you automatic heating at the lowest possible cost. You can definitely benefit by the use of anthracite coal and at the same time eliminate the time and work demanded by handfeeding. A large silent air circulating blower will assure complete circulation of warm, filtercleaned air throughout every room in the house.

The KEYSTOKER Warm Air Furnace is built to deliver maximum heat at the lowest initial investment and lowest operational cost. The downdraft heat exchanger increases heating surface, permitting direct circulation of every thermal unit of heat into the warm air leader pipes for rapid distribution. The heating surface is properly proportioned to the grate area, resulting in appropriate balance and greater heat delivery per pound of fuel burned.

 Fibre Glass air filters can be easily cleaned or replaced at low cost

 The Keystoker blower has been expertly engineered and designed to give many troublefree years of silent operation

 An optional stainless steel hot water coil is available

 Includes a sealed pit ash removal, assuring clean, dustfree operation

 Five sizes available: 120,0000, 125,000, 150,000, 250,000, 350,000 BTUs (plus special 400,000 BTU unit available as custom order)

 Standard equipment includes: three Controls (Room Thermostat, Timer Combination, and Bonnet Control), Blower and Motor, Fibre Glass Filters, and one Ash Recepticle

 Available option: dual fuel unit burns either coal or oil

 Advantages of the Keystoker Boiler

 THE HEART OF THE KEYSTOKER is a simple feed mechanism with very few moving parts which can easily be adjusted and maintained by the average householder. Troublesome belts, sheer pins and worm conveyors have been eliminated. This feed mechanism with slow moving, long life parts keeps service calls to a minimum.

COMFORTABLE WARMTH, KEYSTOKER winter conditions your home with clean even heat. Accurate controls and thermostat provide automatic wellregulated warmth with quick response to weather changes. Warm air, water or steam heat are equally efficient with the KEYSTOKER unit.

ABUNDANT HOT WATER is available  200 gallons or more, every hour of every day. This year round plentiful supply is made possible by the use of copper coils that heat your water in a jiffy. No hot water tank to install.

LOW COST FUEL, KEYSTOKER is most economical and efficient using anthracite rice or buckwheat coal. The savings on fuel bills alone will pay for your Keystoker in the course of time.

LOW INITIAL COST  check and compare! Your dealer can give you the complete price of an installed Keystoker. When you compare the cost of the Keystoker with any automatic hot water heating unit, you'll realize how reasonable Keystoker is priced