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Let Us Introduce You to Your New Air Conditioner 

Thinking of installing or replacing an air conditioner can be a tough decision. Which AC unit offers the highest value? Which air conditioning requires the least repairs over time? What will my new HVAC cost me to run? How long does a particular unit last?

For DuBois area residents, deciding on who you’ll trust to perform AC installation should be left with no questions at all reviews.

Gary & Sons will walk you through it.

An Efficient AC System Brings Down Costs

Air Conditioners that are ten years or older are likely to be energy eaters. You could be spending 30% more on heating and cooling than you need to be. Installing or replacing with a current, energy-efficient unit can also earn you federal tax credits to help absorb some of the costs of installation. Gary & Sons will even inspect your ducts as part of the installation process, which will save you from wasting energy in your ductwork.

Cost & Financing

Even with possible energy-saving tax credits down the road, the cost, timing and logistics could put installation on the back burner. Gary & Sons can help you with those worries.

Gary & Sons offers financing to help you get cool faster with your new AC. Just as we strive to be the most professional, knowledgeable, reliable, flexible and value-oriented company available. If costs are a deterring factor, talk to us about opportunities for financing.

Quality Service Every Time

Gary & Sons promises top notch service on every visit. No matter what, we deliver top performance every time.

Quality Workmanship, Highly-Trained Technicians

Not only do our highly-trained, courteous technicians consistently get the job done, they also get the job right the first time, while treating you with integrity. Our excellent technicians will bring you peace-of-mind. Our current customers know this security, which is why they return to us again and again, be it for a spare part or annual maintenance.

When we say "highly-trained," we don’t mean a technician who got their certifications in the 90s. Gary & Sons has been awarded for their training excellence for the past four years. Our technicians are constantly educated on the newest technologies and solutions.

For a company more than three decades old, Gary & Sons is proud to bring you cutting-edge, best practices in air conditioning installation or operation.

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