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If you’re not in the HVAC or home building business, you may be wondering what the heck a ductless mini split is, nevermind what it does. Gary & Sons has your answers. Let us show you what a ductless mini split heat pump from Mitsubishi can do for your home.

What is a Ductless Mini Split?

Do you know that room in your house that stays colder than all the other rooms despite what you do? A ductless mini split uses zones of heating to help homes to distribute heating or cooling air evenly. It does so while saving energy, translating to lower utility bills for you. With an indoor and outdoor component, the units are connected by what is called a ‘conduit.’

When used correctly, your ductless mini split can ensure the heating and cooling of rooms more vulnerable to outside temperatures, such as additions or bonus rooms.

Think of a two-family home where the single heating appliance feeds air into only one of the two residences. A ductless mini split would act as an air distributor, allowing both residences to share the same level of warmth.

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What Would A Ductless Mini Split Do For Me?

Ductless mini splits have dozens of uses, the most common of which is to distribute heat in ductless homes. But the small appliances also have many advantages, such as the ability to only warm or cool occupied space.

Each zone of a ductless mini split will have its own thermostat and all zones are connected to one outdoor component. Gary & Sons offer different lengths of conduits between the inside and outside units to allow flexibility for the external unit’s location.

We can install the indoor components of the ductless mini splits in numerous places, including being suspended from a ceiling. Many newer versions of ductless mini splits come with remotes, allowing you to control the mini split even if you can’t reach it.

Also, the “ductless” aspect of the ductless mini split means no air will escape from heating and cooling ducts. For homes with ductwork heating, up to 30 percent of heating and cooling escapes from the ducts.

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