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How can you tell when your furnace needs a repair? Aside from stopping all function and not turning on, there are several signs DuBois area homeowners can look for to prevent a heating repair emergency.

Signs your heating system could use a technician’s attention include:

  • Unfamiliar noises.
  • Decreased airflow.
  • Cool air blowing through vents.
  • Furnace turns on and off throughout the day.

Even without the typical tell-tale issues, our award-winning technicians are highly skilled in diagnosing and repairing your heating system. We have a reputation for integrity and honesty, and embracing those same values, we undoubtedly stand by our work

When A Home Heating Repair Begins As A Nightmare

All-day long, you look forward to getting home, casting off your extra layers and curling up with your tablet to catch up on the events of the ending day. During your commute home, you fantasize about ripping off your itchy wool scarf and double-layered gloves as you crouch down to greet your dog.

But when you finally drag your tired self through your front door, there is no comforting warmth.

In the living room where your favorite blanket and chair calls to you, you can see your own breath hanging in the air. You have no idea how long the heat has been off. Freezing temperatures slowly expand your home’s water pipes.

Your heating unit had been making strange noises recently and you’ve been finding it harder and harder to maintain the temperature you selected with the thermostat. It’s old, you told yourself, it’s normal wear and tear, you hoped.

Quality Service Every Time

Gary & Sons promises top notch service on every visit. No matter what, we deliver top performance every time.

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As with all heating and cooling concerns, Gary & Sons has your back. When a furnace on the fritz breathes its final breath, we are here to take your call. Our lines are open 24-hours a day and our on-call technicians are ready and waiting to tackle their next repair challenge.

We also welcome you to purchase your own supplies and HVAC accessories. Come to our showroom for over the counter heating and cooling products.

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