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Make The Summers Comfortable With A Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers make a difference!

Heat and humidity make summers not very fun – unless you can live at a pool or the beach at Treasure Lake in DuBois or at Parker Dam in Penfield. Humidity is not only stifling, it causes problems with mold, bacteria, viruses and allergies. It can ruin your home and belongings. It can make the air hold heat longer and your air conditioning work harder.

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More Comfort, Less Hassle

Getting the moisture out of the air with a dehumidifier can make the hot weather more bearable. They dry up basements, keep the house cooler and prevent molds and dust mites from taking over.

Though there are portable dehumidifiers on the market, why pick and choose the parts of your home to help? Reduce the humidity in your whole house with a home dehumidifier. It is permanently installed in the basement for the cost of two portables. No need to empty buckets of water, and it’s designed to integrate with your current heating and cooling system. Set it and forget it. Don’t believe it? Try our Lennox dehumidifier for free for three days.

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