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Mitsubishi Electronic HVAC offers some of the finest, most innovative heating and cooling products available and Gary & Sons are Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Dealers. With the ability to cool or heat one room while dialing back the energy used another, you are always in control of your comfort as well as your utility bills. Plus, Mitsubishi systems automatically adjust to changing conditions.

More than half of US homeowners complain one room in their home is too cold or too hot, regardless of what they try, according to a national study. Often this is a duct-related problem. With Mitsubishi HVAC, ductless systems produce even temperatures in every room of the house unless you choose otherwise.

Along with the savings and comfort comes the ability to control your home with your smartphone. The app kumo cloud™ (available on Mac OS and Android) allows you to control single or multi-zone spaces within multiple venues. For instance, you can set the heat to come on in your mountain house while you are still packing up the car. The cloud app allows you to turn the system on and off, adjust fan speeds, change the mode or the direction of the vanes.

Expert Installation

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite dealer, ensure your system is installed and serviced with the precision and perfection worthy of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC.

Benefits of Mitsubishi HVAC

  • USA's #1 selling mini-split systems.
  • Choice of mounting location for indoor units.
  • Ceiling recessed cassette creates better air distribution.
  • Choice of multi-position-ducted or horizontally installed ductwork, depending on the size of your space.
  • Complete ductless mini system services.
  • Multi-part filter system to reduce odors, allergens, viruses and bacteria from your home’s airflow.
2020 Mitsubishi Dealer of the Year
2020 Mitsubishi Dealer of the Year
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