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Whole Home Ventilator

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Whole Home Ventilation near Falls Creek PA

Tired a lot at home? It could be your home’s air, and a whole-home ventilation system may be your answer.

Today’s homes are often tightly sealed for efficiency, but this also keeps fresh air from flowing in and stale air flowing out. As a result, people breathe the same air over and over again – including someone else’s carbon dioxide and germs. And then there are allergens and contaminants that can stay trapped inside.

Whole Home Ventilator Gary Sons

You could open a window, but this isn’t always an option when it is cold outside or when you are running air conditioning. Open windows can also can bring in more allergens from outside, such as pollen, or even insects.

Whole-home ventilation systems offer a simple and effective solution. They replace stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. The system allows you to control the amount of air coming in, and it uses filtration to keep even fresh air clean for you.

Talk to the air quality specialist at Gary & Sons to find out if this is a good solution for you.