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Save Money On Operation & Maintenance

Heat pumps take what Tri-County area winters already have — cold air — and turn it into what you need: cheaper, more efficient warmth. Gary & Sons heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps can dramatically increase energy efficiency while lowering gas or oil bills in your home.

Deciding What’s Right For Your Home

A heat pump is a standalone appliance used by home and business owners to cool or heat buildings. In some warm climates, a heat pump is sufficient to warm a home in the cooler months, but when frigid temps take hold, a heat pump in addition to a heating system will ensure your home is warm and your heating costs are lower than before.

What makes heat pumps so useful is that they employ electricity and refrigeration technology to move air and warm it. As a result, these pumps use remarkably less energy than traditional home heating systems. A heat pump can be added to an already-installed system to lower costs and increase efficiency. While your electricity bill may increase, your fuel costs should go down, bringing you savings as well as an evenly heated home.

Quality Service Every Time

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From The Ground Up: Geothermal Heat Pumps

Another way to increase efficiency and lower costs is to supply your heat from the ground up.

Geothermal heat pumps draw warmth from the ground up to increase the strength of heat in the home without a significant increase in utility bills. These pumps use the earth as a heat source, using the warmer temperatures underground to heat your home. Depending on your precise location, the heat is drawn from about 20 feet below the surface, where temperatures can be 60 degrees. The pump forces this heat up into your home to bring you efficient warmth with a lower carbon footprint.

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