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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Gary & Sons can help find the right indoor air quality solutions for your home, including furnace filters, air purification systems and duct cleaning solutions.
Our top goal is to keep you and your family safe from harmful contaminants that could negatively impact your health. We will devise the right solution to purify the air your family breathes if we find invisible pollutants in your home.

How Can Gary & Sons Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

As we all work to make our homes increasingly more energy-efficient, we could be neglecting something that can impact the health of the entire family. It makes sense that to insulate the home, keeping cold or warm air from escaping and wasting resources, we use systems that effectively seal a resident's home.

In doing so, we negatively affect indoor air quality by preventing other tiny particles from leaving the house, leaving the family with a pile of particulates and unhealthy air.

Some contaminants that may be in your home's ventilation system include:

  • Dust
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Pet Dander
  • Organic Chemicals

Quality Service Every Time

Gary & Sons promises top notch service on every visit. No matter what, we deliver top performance every time.

Many of these materials can cause poor health for members of the family. Carbon Monoxide can cause fatalities after only eight hours of exposure.

For the other materials, some symptoms with which your family:

  • Increased Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Coughing and Sneezing
  • Illnesses
  • Discomfort and Sleeplessness
  • Permanent Lung Damage

As a family-owned business, we accept the responsibility to treat you as we would any longtime customer, with courtesy, respect and fairness. In that spirit, we offer financing with several companies, affordable service plan agreements and warranties on all of our work.

Gary & Sons prizes its small business philosophy - one we've maintained as we've grown from a father and two sons to an award-winning full-service, 24/7 HVAC repair center.

Based on our most cherished value — integrity — we treat each client with decency and fairness. As a company value, this integrity means all of our employees will treat you with respect and courtesy. Both technicians and office staff are trained and ready to troubleshoot and diagnose your AC issues. We are standing by to help you solve your cooling problem night and day.

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