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Respectful, Responsible AC Repair Service in the DuBois Area

Did you know any one of the following causes can lead to cooling system breakdown and the need for emergency AC repair for your DuBois-area home:

  • Bad Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil
  • Leaking AC Refrigerant
  • Dirty Air Conditioning Filters
  • HVAC Drainage Issues
  • Air Conditioner Sensor Breakdown

Let's set the scene:

It's the first scorching night of July. No breezes, no cooling winds and muggy with humidity. You've already stripped the bed down to the sheets and positioned a decade-old fan near the door.

And then you hear it—the sound of cool, blowing air ending with a halting stop.

But it's late. You have work in the morning. The kids just went to bed. Who in the DuBois area is there to take your call?

We are.

Gary & Sons' fully-dedicated service providers are waiting to diagnose your AC unit 24/7. We have on-call expert technicians, 24-hour phone attendants and a full-service, 24-hour repair center working around the clock to bring you cooling comfort when you need it most.

Quality Service Every Time

Gary & Sons promises top notch service on every visit. No matter what, we deliver top performance every time.

As a family-owned business, we accept the responsibility to treat you as we would any longtime customer, with courtesy, respect and fairness. In that spirit, we offer financing with several companies, affordable service plan agreements and warranties on all of our work.

Gary & Sons prizes its small business philosophy - one we've maintained as we've grown from a father and two sons to an award-winning full-service, 24/7 HVAC repair center.

Based on our most cherished value — integrity — we treat each client with decency and fairness. As a company value, this integrity means all of our employees will treat you with respect and courtesy. Both technicians and office staff are trained and ready to troubleshoot and diagnose your AC issues. We are standing by to help you solve your cooling problem night and day.

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