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Great Gary & Sons Giveaway
Gary & Sons, Inc., of Falls Creek is giving away a free MITSUBISHI mini-split electric air conditioner and heat pump – that’s cooling and heating…
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Win a Free Dryer Vent Cleaning
Win a Free Dryer Vent Cleaning Failure to clean the dryer (34 percent) is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires, according to the…
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Color the page provided and return it to Gary & Sons, Inc., 482 Beechtree Road, Falls Creek, or to the Winkler Gallery, 36 N. Brady…
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Certified To Help Your Home’s Air Quality
Travis Clapsaddle, our Indoor Air Quality Technician, has the honor of being the very first Air Advice certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist in the U.S.…
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Don’t Ignore Your Baseboard Heat
Don't Ignore Your Baseboard Heat Do you heat your home with a hot water baseboard? Yes? You don’t have an air filter to change regularly,…
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Your HVAC Spring To-Do List
Your HVAC Spring To-Do List When it comes to your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, or HVAC, system, avoiding certain behaviors and ensuring you don’t neglect…
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Trees Can Save You Some Green
Trees Can Save You Some Green Money doesn’t grow on trees, but trees can help save you money. According to the US Department of Energy,…
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Control The Air
Control the Air Damp, dry. Hot, cold. Moisture in the air and weather temperatures work hand-in-hand to affect our bodies and our homes. The temperature…
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Spring Is In The Air
Spring is in the Air Get to know the products that will improve your home’s indoor air quality this season. Talk to your Gary &…
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Dry House Syndrome
Healthy Climate Power Humidifier introduces up to 18 gallons of water per day into your Home, independently of your HVAC system! There's a fine balance…
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